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Laser Cut Stencil

Laser cutting has simplified the stencil manufacturing process dramatically. The greatest benefit for the manufacturer has been the elimination of chemicals, laminates, effluence, photo-tools, film storage, etch-factor compensations, fume expulsion, etc. The human error factor associated with etching is also minimized. Etch-factor compensation, when chemical etching, requires tedious editing of the CAD data. Fortunately, the newer laser cutting machines automatically compensate the cut path for the laser beam diameter making it exceptionally easy to achieve the results you desire.

A well-maintained machines produce stencil, which have several advantages over chemically etched stencils. The trapezoidal shapes of the apertures improve on paste release and the shape, size, and position can be controlled to a few tenths of a mil.

PCPL Technologies uses the most advanced stencil cutting technology developed by the German company, LPKF. The system has been specifically designed to manufacture stainless steel SMD solder paste and adhesive stencils. The result is a stencil of unsurpassed quality and accuracy, only comparable to one cut by another LPKF machine. The system is also capable of manufacturing encoder discs and precision thin metal parts.

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