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Machinery List

  • Polar instrument for Control Impedance Layer stack up generation software & impedance testing.
  • Laser Photoplotting – In-house Photoplotter from East-Space Light.
  • AOI – In-house Automated Optical Inspection facility for Photo tool, all Inner Layers & outer Layer inspection. Machine from Machvision Taiwan.
  • 0.15 mm. CNC drilling capability, Machine from Pluritek-Italy.
  • Pulse rectifier to achieve uniform Copper Plating thickness on surface & hole wall.
  • CMI make hole wall CU thickness & Surface CU thickness instruments.
  • PLASMA machine from Jesagi-Hankook Korea – Latest Technology for De-smear etch-back & surface cleaning.
  • Flying Probe Tester with 8 probes from ATG Germany.
  • Laboratory for process monitoring.
  • Microsection facility, Equipment from MEIJI-Japan, Camera with PC interface software.
  • Solderability tester.
  • DM Water Plant – 100% water usage in process is DM water. Safety/Environmental Full-time IEPA Class ‘K’ Licensed Chemist Ion Exchange wastewater processing.