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Company Profile

Welcome to Prism Circuitronics Pvt. Ltd.
We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Mumbai based, high technology professional grade printed circuit board manufacturer.

We are designed to fulfill focused prototype manufacturing for High – Quality & Complex boards needs of today’s fast growing electronics industry. The advancement of technology is progressing at jet speed & we at PCPL are proudly committed to maintain high level of automation & technologically advanced manufacturing facility using the latest machinery in meeting the customer requirement as per their required specifications under one roof.

A Team of highly skilled and trained professionally competent and dedicated manpower along with precision machinery and equipment’s produce highly reliable PCBs confirming to international standard specifications.

The company established in the year 1995, introduced the Laser Photo plotting facility in private service industry and earned goodwill for its quality supplies & on time delivery.

In year 2000 the company has introduced the manufacturing facility of Laser cut stencil, first of its kind in India, to fulfill the mission of company. The facility established is of world class, with the machine supplied by one of the most prominent World Leader, M/s. LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Germany.

Prism is a recognized leader in the Laser cut stencil industry & over the years has established long outstanding relationship with many of the prominent EMS companies and other OEM’s in private & public sectors and expecting to forge the new relationship with customers for their prototype requirement on regular basis & shall provide unmatched and unparalleled service and quality.

Our company’s focused is of exclusive Prototype manufacturing service and can meet all of your needs and expectations. Moreover, we Guarantee shipment for all wide range of Proto requirement on time.